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Stanislaus County Horse Council
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About the 

Stanislaus County Horse Council


The Stanislaus County Horse Council was founded in 2014 to be a central organization to advocate for horse owners and businesses and to protect our mutual interests. The SCHC is a non-profit organization.

The central mission of the Horse Council was to promote the health and well being of horses and all aspects of the horse industry in Stanislaus County:

  • Promote and preserve horse agriculture, industry and recreation in Stanislaus County
  • Communicate to members on horse-related issues
  • Inform the public about horse community goals and projects
  • Support private and public equestrian facilities
  • Promote all aspects of the equine industry

Partnering with other organizations, the Horse Council's role was to be expanded to include monitoring regulations and legislation effecting the horse community and acting as a liaison with local government entities.

An early goal of the Horse Council was to secure access to trails, suitable for horseback riding in the county and cities.

To accomplish this we wanted to solicit help from organizations willing to help us establish a census of horses in Stanislaus County.

Our voice was to be amplified when we can show how many horses are in Stanislaus County, and their impact on the economy of the cities and the County.


Our monthly meetings was to feature speakers with programs about THE HORSE and related subjects.



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